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Follow-up Visits

Existing patient appointments will be conducted by phone unless otherwise indicated. Please ensure you have a private place to talk and a quiet room with minimal distractions or noise. Your Physician will call during your designated appointment time.

Telehealth Instructions

New Consults
During COVID-19 precautions we will be seeing new patients exclusively via Telehealth using Virtual Care. This is a video conferencing tool within our patient portal.


System Requirement

Please make sure you have a secure internet or Wifi connection.

Chrome or FireFox on a laptop computer.

Virtual Waiting Room

5 mins prior to your appointment time you will receive an email with a link.

Once clicked you’ll be directed to a virtual waiting room.


Virtual Visit

When ready the Physician will start the virtual visit with you.

If prompted, enable microphone and video for the session on your device.

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